Thursday, January 8, 2009

How we are manifesting WEALTH

This project of manifesting the life we desire has become UNBELIEVABLY successful. Of course, results don't happen overnight and we aren't there yet but things are definitely headed in the right direction. Lately some really great things have been manifesting in our lives.

In an earlier blog I explained that I left my barista job in an attempt to pursue my goal of becoming a freelance artist. For weeks I've been visualizing my goal and meditating on the best route to get there. Well, in the last week I sold my first painting and got my first professional job!

I found this on learntovisualize .com
Creative visualization is a technique which, very simply put, uses mental imagery and positive thinking to achieve goals. It employs simple, effective steps that produce elegant, satisfying results. Though simple, it is a powerful technique. When you visualize your goal and repeatedly focus upon the thoughts, images and feelings of what you want, you develop within your brain's neuronal structuring* a new blueprint for the future. It is this new blueprint which allows you to notice in your everyday life the information, guidance, ideas, insights, and inspirations that will lead to achieving your goals.

In addition to our visualization techniques and meditation (guided by the Silva Method), I've been reading a great Feng Shui book. My husband and I did some serious housecleaning and the next day I bought two red candle. According to the book, red candles bring wealth. That night I got a job. That's not all. The next day, after calling my credit card company to see if I could get an extension on my payment as I didn't think I would have enough to pay it, my husband found $200 in an old New Years card my mom gave to me two years ago. I totally forgot about it!

Now I have enough money to cover my bills for the month and more money coming in by the end of the month! We've been having business ideas like crazy and I'm about to start a new collection of paintings.

My husband has been actively pursuing his passion for photography and is on the way to setting up a website. As I already have a website that has been receiving a little traffic already but we're both working toward further marketing our talents. I believe that if we continue practicing daily meditation, exercise, visualization, and utilizing the Law of Attraction, everything we want in life will come to us. What do you want in life?

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Manifesting Abundance

This photo represents one of our most prominent goals at the moment.
Hard to tell from the photo, but it's on the ceiling just above our bed, beneath our skylight so my husband and I see it everyday. We're working together to manifest a reality in which we have that amount. The smile on George's face proves he knows we'll get it. :)

If you don't already know about this manifestation exercise, it has been featured in The Secret. Jack Canfield (creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul series and self-made millionaire) tells his experience with this manifestation technique in the film. He used it twice to make his first million. If it worked for him, it will work for us too! 
Our goal is to see that in our bank account by the end of January. In addition to physically seeing it every day, we also visualize ourselves having that amount daily. These visualizations are more like full- blown fantasies wherein I can feel what it is like to have my dream. I use this technique for all of my goals. 
If anyone saw our actual bank account right now, they would probably laugh at the prospect of manifesting $10,000 by the end of the month. Last night our friend asked us "What if you only have $8,000 at the end of the month?," to which I replied, "That's good enough for me." As you will find from other first-hand experiences with this type of goal setting technique, often times the actual amount is just under the projection but if you aim high enough, falling short will be just fine.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Manifesting Our Destiny (Part One)

In the last blog, I talked about how we use the Law of Attraction every day in our lives. Here's a story of how The Secret has begun working for us in the small amount of time we've been aware of it.

We recently moved to a new city and started a new life with no jobs, no friends, and no family in the area. Our previous home was surrounded with so much negativity, we could feel it really getting us down. That's when we decided to make a change. For months before the move we fantasized about how great our new home would be. We didn't know it at the time but we were manifesting our destinies all along the way.

Relocation was the first step but we had much more in store for us. We'd been hoping for a nice cottage, and we got it. My husband had been hoping for a good job with unlimited earning potential, he got it. We saw The Secret for the first time just after moving but only after my husband found a job and we'd found the perfect cottage. We can see that the Law of Attraction was working for us before we were even aware of it! When we initially watched The Secret, I still didn't have a job and started panicking. I used the Law of Attraction by manifesting a job for myself right away but I ended up getting the wrong job. I knew that along with all the other great changes that were going to be happening in my life, I needed to also change my career. 

After being at the job for a little while, I was really unhappy with it. I started practicing the Silva meditation techniques with my husband. I soon found the courage to not only leave my bad restaurant job but also began working as an artist from home, doing what I love most! Another amazing benefit that I'm reaping from my new way of life is an unlimited supply of creative ideas. My work is flourishing like never before and this is only the beginning. 

Also, we're currently focusing on setting up new streams of income so that both of us can work from home. With the constant flow of creative ideas that we're both experiencing, I don't think it will take too long for us to achieve many of our present goals. :)

To understand that you are capable of anything is invaluable. Haven't all of the most noble humans to walk the earth always promoted love and positivity? These people used more of their minds than the norm. The power they use is within all of humanity. Imagine how great the world would be if everyone utilized this simple tool that we're all born with!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Utilizing The Secret

Are you sick of feeling unsatisfied with your life? Are you ready to make a change? Here you will find the experience of a young married couple who've recently begun embracing and utilizing the Law of Attraction. That is, as some call it, The Secret, what has been hailed as the answer to all of humankind's problems. We began the experiment roughly two and a half months ago after watching The Secret for the first time. Since then, a few things have happened in our lives and we've decided to start documenting all of the great things that are happening and are going to happen to us.

Now, the last statement may sound a little pompous or overly- confident to some, but this is how it works: According to the law of attraction, whatever you fill your life with and focus your energy on will come to you by way of the Law of Attraction. For example: If you imagine yourself having terrible misfortunes and focus on negative aspects of your life, negativity will remain in your life. The more you worry about bad things happening, the more they will happen. However, if you focus on all of the great things in your life, your life will be full of positivity. Therefore, we look forward to filling this blog with many positive experiences. :)

Utilizing this new idea on a daily basis is fairly easy. We each take extra moments daily to visualize what we want in our future and try our best to stay constantly positive- which is certainly the hardest part. An easy way to stay positive that we use is to list all the things we are thankful for at the end of the day and read it the next morning as a reminder of how lucky we are already.

Utilizing the law of attraction to better our lives has lead us to The Silva Method, developed by Jose Silva in the 1960's after 25 years of research. It's an audio guide through meditation that has changed many lives. It is changing our lives as well! We've both been curious about self improvement our entire lives and have studied other meditation techniques but the Silva Ultramind System has had the most profound affect on us thus far. We practice the meditation 15-30 minutes each time, 1-3 times daily, however this is not on a strict schedule and we choose to meditate when we feel the need or desire. From the very first time using the Silva techniques, we've found this meditation to be therapeutic and extremely beneficial.

A few of our many goals for adopting this new way of life are:
- To be happy, productive, helpful, and resourceful members of humanity.
- To utilize our new skills to help others and the environment in every way.
- To become independently wealthy and stop trading our time for money. (This dream has already begun to manifest in our lives as I have already scraped the tip of the iceberg, didn't take long! See the next entry "Manifesting Our Destiny" for details)
- Many, many more endless possibilities

We're very excited to share our successful journey with you. Cogito ergo sum, "I think therefore I am" - Descartes

What are your dreams? How will you make them come true? Have you experienced The Secret? Do you believe in the law of attraction?