Thursday, January 8, 2009

How we are manifesting WEALTH

This project of manifesting the life we desire has become UNBELIEVABLY successful. Of course, results don't happen overnight and we aren't there yet but things are definitely headed in the right direction. Lately some really great things have been manifesting in our lives.

In an earlier blog I explained that I left my barista job in an attempt to pursue my goal of becoming a freelance artist. For weeks I've been visualizing my goal and meditating on the best route to get there. Well, in the last week I sold my first painting and got my first professional job!

I found this on learntovisualize .com
Creative visualization is a technique which, very simply put, uses mental imagery and positive thinking to achieve goals. It employs simple, effective steps that produce elegant, satisfying results. Though simple, it is a powerful technique. When you visualize your goal and repeatedly focus upon the thoughts, images and feelings of what you want, you develop within your brain's neuronal structuring* a new blueprint for the future. It is this new blueprint which allows you to notice in your everyday life the information, guidance, ideas, insights, and inspirations that will lead to achieving your goals.

In addition to our visualization techniques and meditation (guided by the Silva Method), I've been reading a great Feng Shui book. My husband and I did some serious housecleaning and the next day I bought two red candle. According to the book, red candles bring wealth. That night I got a job. That's not all. The next day, after calling my credit card company to see if I could get an extension on my payment as I didn't think I would have enough to pay it, my husband found $200 in an old New Years card my mom gave to me two years ago. I totally forgot about it!

Now I have enough money to cover my bills for the month and more money coming in by the end of the month! We've been having business ideas like crazy and I'm about to start a new collection of paintings.

My husband has been actively pursuing his passion for photography and is on the way to setting up a website. As I already have a website that has been receiving a little traffic already but we're both working toward further marketing our talents. I believe that if we continue practicing daily meditation, exercise, visualization, and utilizing the Law of Attraction, everything we want in life will come to us. What do you want in life?